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How to Awaken Positive Feelings

Create Positive Feelings

What are positive feelings?

These are the pleasant feelings of happiness, satisfaction, confidence, joy, and the sense of accomplishment.

These are feelings of compassion, love, kindness, tolerance and understanding. They are the opposite of negative feelings, such as anger, resentment, grumpiness or sadness.

Why do you need positive feelings?

Positive feelings make you feel good, energetic and happy. They give you the confidence to take action to pursue your ambitions and your dreams.

This sort of feelings make your life happier and easier, and make people like you.

16 Tips – How to Awaken Positive Feelings

Read and practice the following tips, to help you create positive feelings:

1. Think about the importance of positive feelings

Read and think often about the importance of positive feelings and how they can improve your life.

2. Avoid negative thoughts and feelings

Refuse to be involved with negative thoughts and feelings. This might not be so easy, but if you persevere and do not give up everything becomes possible.

3. Tell yourself that you are going to have a great day.

Upon waking up in the morning, smile and say to yourself silently or audibly several times: “I am going to have a wonderful day today. It is going to be a happy and successful day. I am going to stay patient and positive in every situation.”

Don’t just repeat the words. Mean what you are saying.

4. Visualization

Often, during the day, visualize for a few moments some happy situations from your life, a place you enjoyed visiting, or being with people you love.

Allow the happy emotions associated with these events to well up. Stay with them for a while and enjoy them.

5. Wait before reacting

When something or someone makes you angry, wait a few seconds before reacting. This interval can save you a lot of trouble and agitating feelings.

6. Do not allow despair, frustration or unhappiness to fill your awarenessaffirmation, or focus on happy feelings.

Watching a comedy or any entertaining movie can help too, to take your mind off the depression, unhappiness or frustration.

This might not be easy, as the negative feeling might be too strong. However, do your best, and no matter how many times you might fail evoking positive feelings, continue, and you will be able to change your attitude and feelings.

7. Realize that you cannot always change what you do not like

Understand that you cannot always control the situations in your life, but you can control and change your attitude and reactions. Negative attitude and feelings will bring negative conditions, and positive attitude and feelings would make the situation improve.

8. Be pleasant to the people you don’t like

Strive to show some positive feelings toward people that you don’t like. You don’t need to be their friend, but you can stop being negative and unpleasant toward them.

Allow yourself to express some warmth, friendliness and understanding. You might be surprised at their positive reactions.

9. Inspiring quotes

Read some inspiring quotes every day.

I have repeated this advice many times in my articles. I like reading quotes, and I believe most people do. Quotes can change one’s attitude and state of mind.

10. Repeat positive affirmations

Repeat affirmations whenever you need to boost your moods and create positive feelings. Here are a few examples:

  • “I am feeling happy and confident.”
  • “It is so pleasant to enjoy positive feelings.”
  • “I am getting happier and more positive every day.”
  • “I am full of love and happiness.”
  • “I radiate a good mood around me.”

11. Stay away from negative people

Stay away from negative and stressful people whenever you can. If you work with them or cannot avoid them, don’t let their state of mind affect you. Try to develop a little detachment toward them.

Strive to fill your mind with positive feelings and thoughts, so that there will no place for their negativity in your mind.

12. Listen to music

Music creates a good mood, happiness and a good atmosphere.

13. A smile makes you and other people happy

Let yourself smile more often, even in difficult situations.

The act of smiling tends to clear the mind of worries, even if temporarily, and wins you the support of the people around you.

14. Entertainment and the media

Watch comedies and avoid reading negative and depressing news. I am not telling you to avoid listening or watching the news. Only do not overdo it. Better, focus on happy news.

15. Meditation

Practicing meditation regularly, calms down the body and the mind, reduces anxiety, and brings a sense of happiness, peace and joy.

As you continue to meditate, you will radiate more peace, joy and a positive atmosphere around you, which will affect favorably your environment and the people you meet.

Find time for meditation. This could be early in the morning, in the afternoon, or at any other suitable time.

Among its many benefits, practicing meditation will enables you to keep away the feelings and thoughts that you don’t want, and which just waste your time and energy.

16. Tell yourself that tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day

After getting into bed at night, tell yourself silently or audibly:

“I am going to have a wonderful day tomorrow. It is going to be a happy and successful day. I am going to stay patient and positive in every situation.”

Now that you know how to create positive feelings, go ahead and practice what you read.