How Your Diet Will Help You Live Longer and Stay Happy

Diet Will Help You Live Longer

Eating healthy food does more for you than you’ll even know. This aspect has profound effects on the way you learn, your longevity, relationships, and emotional stability.

Today, let’s look at the facts and findings that show how these things are related to your diet.

How Your Diet Will Help You


If you’re still a student, eating healthy helps you in many ways. Multiple studies have shown the correlation between your diet and your academic career. A well-balanced breakfast will give you the energy to push on for the rest of the day. A healthy diet contributes to your ability to process information faster.


The Independent revealed that Japan’s high life expectancy is connected to their diet.

They presented a food guide proposed by the Japanese government back in 2005. The guide put forth the necessity of drinking water and tea, incorporating grains in dishes like pasta or rice, and eating fresh fish and meat.

Ten years later, the country’s National Centre on Global Health and Medicine assessed thousands of middle-aged men and women on how the food guide helped their health.

They found that the participants who stayed faithful to the program had a 15% lower mortality rate compared to those who did not follow it. They concluded the study by stating that the food listed in the guide reduced the risk of death, especially from cerebrovascular diseases.

Similarly, Health IQ supports the link between diet and mortality rate by citing vegans as examples. They found that vegans have a 63% lower risk of hypertension compared to meat eaters.

Vegans are known to be some of the world’s healthiest eaters, as many of them require dishes to be made from organic ingredients.


Unbeknownst to many, there is a relationship between what you eat and your relationships. The Center for Nutrition Studies highlighted a study conducted on over 20,000+ participants aged over 50.

The study found that the majority of people who didn’t eat fruit and vegetables had little to no interaction with other people.

It was also noted that eating healthy can invite positive social interaction among your family and friends.

Improving your diet can make people around you respect your life choices, exhibit open-minded curiosity, and celebrate your holistic success. This can also be a way for you and your loved ones to bond through healthy eating.

Emotional stability

Thrive Global suggest you can stay happy through a healthy diet. The web journal stated that healthy food could enhance your mood, increase energy levels, and reduce depression.

According to health writer Jill Lee, vegetables and whole grains contain iron, folic acid, and thiamine. These vitamins are directly associated with handling your mood. “Iron helps stabilize mood and energy levels, and deficiencies can lead to fatigue and a depressed mood,” says Lee.

So the next time you eat, consider the benefits of a healthy diet. It’s no longer just about a healthy body – it has become a way of life and to help you stay happy.

Article written and contributed by Lara Randall.