How to Cheer Yourself up in the Morning

Cheer Yourself up in the Morning

An alarm clock with a woman’s voice, the light of a cute lamp, and stretching while you’re under the blanket, will help you wake up in a good mood.

We will tell you how to cheer yourself up in the morning, even if it’s cold and snowy outside the window.

Why Is It so Hard to Wake up in a Good Mood in Winter?

In winter, after sleep, many rarely feel vigorous and energetic. The freezing and dark weather makes us sad, as if after a Dementor’s kiss. This is easy to explain: the days are getting shorter; the sun comes out less and less.

The change of season affects the work of the melatonin – the hormone, which tells our body when we should sleep and when wake up. Its level is related to the sun’s activity: the less there is, the more melatonin is produced in the body.

When there is a lot of it, you want to sleep. But we cannot sleep all winter like bears, so we have to deceive our hormones – wake them up with lights, alarms and exercises.

Here Are Our Patronuses From Bad Morning Mood

Turn waking up on alarm to a pleasant experience

It is cool if you manage to wake up without an alarm. Most likely, you wake up and go to bed at the same time and your life-rhythm is well managed.

Regular sleep puts in order the daily rhythm and strengthens the immune system. As the result, it helps to remember information and cheer up in the morning.

If you sleep a little and erratically, you will catch colds more often and remember new things worse. Moreover, the risk of developing heart and vascular diseases will rise.

The alarm clock helps to establish a rhythm. And it doesn’t have to be loud and sonorous. For example, scientists conducted research on children and found out that sleepers cannot hear an alarm clock with a fire alarm sound. Only 20% of the subjects woke up hearing it.

However, almost 80% easily woke up to a sound of female voice. It turns out that your mom voice or even the tender voice of a favorite vocalist will be more effective than the SOS signal.

Alternatively, try a light alarm. It simulates dawn and helps you wake up faster. Some models, have radio and nature sounds in them for you to wake up in a good mood.

It has been proven that special models of light bulbs treat depression (but the effectiveness is not yet clear). Such antidepressant lamps can be found in any online store.

Do an invigorating exercise in bed

Even a short morning 10 minutes exercise can lift up your spirits and make you happier.

Scientists have found that people who move a little every day or exercise once a week are more satisfied with their lives. And you don’t even need to get up from your bed to do it, you can stay under a blanket.

Wrap yourself in a bathrobe in the morning to keep warm

Body temperature changes during the day. By evening, it becomes lower. That is why it is so nice to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and fall asleep. Over the night, it continues to fall.

Morning is a kind of signal that it is time to warm up the body and prepare for waking up. That is why in the morning, especially in winter, you want to quickly take a hot shower and drink tea or coffee.

In order not to frantically rush around an apartment, put a robe or a warm sweatshirt beside the bed in the evening, and leave slippers on the floor. This way, you won’t have time to freeze and will start your day in comfort.

If you have a thermostat with a timer at home, make sure that it starts to warm the room half an hour before bedtime. At the same time, it is still better to sleep in a cool place.

Take a shower. Not hot!

Taking the shower is equally soothing in the evening and invigorating in the morning. There is no reliable research that tells you when you should shower. Perhaps there is a grand idea in this – the shower helps at any time.

Just remember: you do not need to wash up often, just once a day is enough. Also, do not stay in the bathroom for more than 10-15 minutes and do not wash with hot water, otherwise, you will itch all day due to dry skin.

Have a tasty breakfast

Breakfast gives strength and increase the brainwork, and it can also cheer you up. Therefore, it is advised not to start your day with an empty stomach. There are no recommendations which breakfast is better – protein, carbs or fat.

It is best to have no added sugar in the food. A sweet breakfast will energize you for a couple of hours. Then the burst of energy will be replaced by fatigue and hunger.

Instead of a chocolate bar, choose fruit or a complete meal with complex carbohydrates or proteins – porridge, scrambled eggs, chicken toast.


You can influence your day. Relaxing techniques can help you calm down, keep your emotions under control, and stay calm, even if there is a bunch of deadlines in the work schedule, which disturb your morning.

Doctors recommend various concentration techniques like meditation or yoga.

Put on something bright or put on makeup

If you love makeup, make yourself prettier in the morning: blush, arrows and your favorite outfit. All this can cheer you up, even if you don’t have to go anywhere. And if you are against makeup and think that natural look suits you more, apply only a facial cream.

A healthy and moisturized face that does not need makeup is great too. After all, nothing is more pleasing in the morning than your own satisfied smile in the mirror.

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