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Healing Third Eye Chakra Migraine


We all know that spiritual energies affect us, but did you know that there can be a spiritual root for diseases like migraine?

Although there are other specific reasons why we may have a migraine, when it persists, it is usually rooted in the spiritual rather than the physical.

So, in case you are experiencing a persistent migraine without any medical explanation, this article can help you eliminate any spiritual reason for your pain.

Listen! Spiritualism is not only about something abstract such as past life analysis, but also heartiness.

Spiritual Migraine Root

Most of the physical symptoms caused by spiritual causes occur due to an imbalance in the energy of the kundalini, which flows through us. This can cause a blockage or excessive activation in one or more energy centers of the chakras.

Migraine happens the same way. Usually, these intense headaches indicate an overactive third eye chakra, which is the center of perception and the senses.

If your migraines make you very sensitive to light and sound and usually cause pressure behind your eyes, then the third eye chakra is where your energy should be concentrated for spiritual healing.

Third Eye Chakra Migraine

To heal the third eye chakra when you are hyperactive, you need to take a multifaceted approach.

For immediate relief, the best suggestion is meditation. It can be a difficult task to reach a meditative state when you are suffering from a severe migraine. But insist, and you will find that pain relief is approaching.

Although it is possible to relieve migraines through meditation, a deeper healing treatment is needed. For long-term relief, you will have to go through a spiritual healing journey from your third eye chakra.

Spiritual healing of the third eye

There are several tools that can be used to help heal the third eye chakra and healing meditation is one of them. Using scents, medicinal oils and sandalwood and rosemary incense helps to balance the third eye chakra and know what universe is telling us.

However, the most important thing is to assess your lifestyle.

Excessive activation of the third eye chakra indicates sensory overload – usually a side effect of a very hectic and stressful life. You can be taking on too many things at once and going over your limit.

Take a hard look at the things in your life and see what you can get rid of. At the end of the day, treating the symptoms of a spiritual migraine can bring immediate relief, but changing your lifestyle is often the only way to prevent those symptoms from appearing again.

The secret is to keep your life clean and clear. When removing the negative energies from your aura, you also need to draw the source of those energies from your life. For long-term relief, stay away from anything that weighs too much for you.

There are a wide range of products and services to suit your needs and budget.

Spiritual awakening requires you to be strong enough in your mind, heart and body to reach a new plan.

The idea that certain strength is needed to awaken spiritual energy may be new to you, but it is true.

The energy you awaken is powerful and can trigger virtually any mental, heart, or bodily problems you have. Preparing your mind, heart and body is crucial to be able to be with the intensity and surrender to the deep spiritual transformation that awakening brings.


Mind: the Spiritual Awakening of Consciousness

There are many ways to cultivate your mind and grow on the spiritual path, and awakening your energy is not the only way to become more aware. Ultimately, spiritual awakening is just a way to become more aware and find freedom.

Learning to work your mind

To begin, here are some basic things that you need to accept in order to start working on spiritual awakening in your mind:

  • You are ignorant about yourself.
  • You are ignorant about life.
  • Your beliefs are not yours, but they were given to you by others and unconsciously – for the most part – accepted by you.

These four are probably more than enough to trigger an ego reaction in most people, but these reactions are to be expected. Part of preparing the mind to deal with spiritual awakening is being able to deal with truths that your ego doesn’t like.

Heart: how to strengthen it for spiritual awakening

A strong heart remains open to even the most challenging emotions. Do not close. It does not get lost or sink into emotions.

Most people have a very weak heart, which makes them unprepared to exclude old emotions and the expansion of love that spiritual awakening can bring. That is why this level, as well as the level of the mind, must be prepared.

Learning to work the heart and emotions

The path to being able to deal with all spiritual events emotionally begins by learning to simply observe emotions.

Just as it is useful to observe thoughts, observing emotions allow them to arise the way they need to.

Taking as an example the death of someone’s mother, when the emotion arises, it is not a question of why she had to die so young, believing that it is not fair to miss all the moments that you could have with her and so on. These are ego beliefs that feed the story.

Beliefs give emotion more energy. It is simply accepting that you loved her and miss her.

Emotions can arise and you can breathe and relax while watching the emotions that need to be expressed. As the emotional burden wears off, the person can be released from their pain.

Body: How to Prepare it for Awakening

Last, but certainly not least, the body needs to be taken care of.

A sick body makes it almost impossible to discern and understand all the bodily sensations that can arise with the movement of awakened energy.

A sick body almost makes the internal changes seem overwhelming and even unbearable. If someone is too upset about all the things the energy goes through, they can shut down and / or go down on a dark night of the soul.

Learning to work the body

With all that said, much can be done to help the body prepare for the intense surges of awakened energy and deep healing, as well as the powerful spiritual growth that can arise.

One of those things is to rest. An excessively agitated body will be a mess to deal with the awakened energy, because that energy shakes many things in people. However, the deeper and more regularly the body is rested, the more it will tend to want to remain in a state of rest or return to rest more quickly.

Other points to work the spiritual awakening in the body are:

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Do meditation and relaxation sessions.
  • Do not consume bad foods or substances for your body.
  • Reassess your meal plan daily.
  • Yoga can be an option to follow to connect your body spiritually to your mind.

Once we can awaken the spiritual energy within us, we will receive various benefits, both physical and psychological.