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How to Sit in Front of the Computer

Siting in Front of the Computer

I came across an interesting video, showing how to sit correctly in front of a computer which you can watch below.

Some people bend their back, while sitting in front of their computers.

Others, sit too far away from the screen, which is not healthy for the eyes.

Some, have the screen placed too high or too low. In other cases, there is too much light falling on the screen, making it difficult to read.

All this can be tiring for the eyes, the hands and the back.

Sitting correctly in Front of the Computer Is Important

Sitting correctly in front of the computer is most important, because we use our computer everyday for hours.

The video, without words, and only through animations, shows how to sit correctly. I hope you enjoy watching it.

YouTube video

Simple Guidelines While Working with Your Computer

Take care of your body when working with your computer:

  • Is there enough fresh air in the room?
  • Is the room’s temperature comfortable?
  • Can you read the text on the screen easily, without straining your eyes? If you don’t, consider checking your eyes. Maybe you need eyeglasses.
  • Did you know that you can increase the size of the fonts on the screen.
  • Try to be aware of any tension in your body. If you feel that your body is becoming tense, stop what you are doing and relax it.
  • Choose a comfortable chair, with a good back.
  • Take care to choose the right height for the chair, when sitting near the able of table. This is important for your eyes and also for your wrists.

Studying and working are important, but so is your body and your health. Take care of how you sit in front of your computer.

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