Using Visualization Exercises for Self Healing

Visualization Exercises for Self Healing

Visualization exercises utilized during meditation are some of the most powerful self healing tools you have at your disposal. These powerful images are a means of relieving stress, improving your sense of self worth, solving problems and rebalancing your chakras.

Statistics say that somewhere around thirty percent of the U.S. population thinks in terms of images, but the fact is that images are powerful for everyone, regardless of their standard thought processes.

There is a reason that the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” exists. It’s because images have a way of communicating significantly more information in a briefer time frame than will ever be possible with written or spoken words.

Visualization exercises utilizing powerful visual imagery can be used to communicate with your own subconscious mind and internal being.

These images allow you to communicate more efficiently and effectively with the subconscious, promoting quicker adjustment to your conscious level thinking and actions.

Additionally, our bodies react the same to a powerful visualization as they do to seeing something in the real world.

This means that we are able to bring about not only emotional and mental changes through visualization meditation, but alterations in our physical being as well.

We can promote a healthier spiritual balance and even improve physical health, potentially alleviating symptoms or curing illness through the use of visualization exercises.

Stress Reduction Visualizations

Stress that builds in our spirits and our physical bodies leads to unhealthy physical condition as well as imbalanced emotional reactions and troubling thought processes.

Visualization exercises are able to reduce the effects of stress and promote a healthier overall state.

Consider visualizations that you know bring happiness and contentment to your soul. These will be the most powerful tools in combating stress for you. Those images that resonate strongly with you personally will be the most useful in removing the unique stressors that affect you.

Other people find that standard imagery can be helpful in eliminating stress.

If you have trouble reducing stress through your personal visualizations, consider employing one of the most common stress reduction images: packing away your stressors in a box that is then discarded.

  • Picture yourself putting your stressors into a box, one at a time, and then closing the box, trapping the stressors inside.
  • Focus on the box, picturing it melting into nothingness, or if it is more effective for you, picture yourself tossing the box into a dumpster, burning it or throwing it off a bridge into a rushing river that will carry the stressors away from you.

Visualizations for Self Esteem Boosting

Take a few minutes every day to rid your mind of all the clutter that accumulates.

Once you’ve calmed and cleared your thinking, you’ll be able to more clearly hear your spirit or internal voice. This voice may tell you things that are positive or negative.

The key is to eliminate the negative thought processes and build on the positive ones, bringing your subconscious mind to a more heightened state of self worth.

Problem Solving through Visualizations

Problem solving with the use of visualization exercises is essentially about removing the excess worries and concerns from your being, allowing you to focus your energies on the problem at hand.

Often times when we are troubled, our anxiety level builds.

This is the excess energy created by numerous worries and concerns, converging on us all at once, making it difficult to make any progress in resolving the problem with which we are really faced.

Visualizations, like picturing all of our worries flowing out of our bodies like water can allow us to refocus our energies and to solve the real problem that we need to deal with.

As we picture the water flowing from every pore, running down our limbs, pooling on the floor around us, we are unburdened and amble to face the real issue which troubles us, unencumbered by the excess energies associated with anxiousness or nervousness.

Balancing Your Chakras with Visualization Exercises

Cleansing your chakras through meditation with the use of visualization exercise is one of the most common ways to bring chakras back into healthy balance.

There are numerous images that can be used to cleanse the chakras, including the use of “flushing” or “pushing” images that force the blockages preventing chakras from working at their optimum from your body.

You can also utilize images that look similar to the chakra itself.

  • Imagine a swirling vortex of the color that is most closely associated with the chakra.
  • Picture the vortex or flower spinning freely, opening further and further as you meditate.

This practice can assist you in bringing the chakra back to open and healthy operation.

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