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5 Mental Health Benefits of Lifting Weights

Benefits of Lifting Weights

Everyone has their own challenges to deal with when it comes to mental health, and there are lots of different approaches to consider embracing, if you want to bring balance to your life and keep the darkness at bay.

Exercise in general is proven to be good for your state of mind, and lifting weights in particular can be especially helpful in this regard.

Here is a look at why this is the case and why you should consider pumping iron to improve your mental state.

Find out the Right Set and Rep Range for You

Before we go any further, it is worth pointing out that lifting weights is only beneficial from a mental health perspective if you take your own physical attributes and limitations in mind.

You need to pick set and rep ranges that are actually achievable, but will allow you to make progress towards your goal. For example, if your goal is to increase your strength, the evidence suggests that you should focus on lifting heavier weights with a lower rep range.

Dealing with depression

Depression afflicts literally hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and if this is something you have experienced, then thankfully, lifting weights could be a way to combat its most unfortunate symptoms.

Research has shown that plenty of people with depression will see improvements, and it is especially useful if you have mild to moderate symptoms.

Addressing anxiousness

Anxiety is another widespread mental health conundrum that can leave you open to unhelpful bouts of groundless worrying.

Lifting weights is an activity that has been linked to a reduction in both the mental and physical signs of anxiety, although again, it is generally most impactful for those with modest levels of anxiety, and may not be as useful for those with more intense symptoms.

Improving self-confidence

If you are lacking in self-esteem, this can have a detrimental effect on many aspects of your life, and can also be apparent to others around you in a more conspicuous manner, than other forms of mental health imperfections.

The changes that your body will undergo as a result of regular weight training and resistance-based workouts will have a knock-on effect on your self-confidence, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Reducing age-related issues

Getting older is something we all have to do, and as well as our bodies feeling the effects of time’s passage, our minds will also exhibit gradual degradation over the years.

For a long time, it was recommended that older people make use of brain training games to keep their minds active and their memories intact.

While this is still the case, studies have since shown that this is not enough on its own. For the fullest effects to be realized, brain training has to be combined with lifting weights.

Minimizing everyday stress & encouraging mindfulness

Finally, it is worth remembering that whatever mental health dilemmas you have on your plate, whether they be genetically inherited or brought on by the stress and strain of modern life, lifting weights provides you with a much-needed respite.

This all comes down to the fact that, like other forms of exercise, your mind will be entirely occupied by the task at hand, allowing the troubles of the world to melt away, and also teaching you to live in the moment, rather than always allowing your mind to wander to other things.

Of course, you should combine any weight training you do with other forms of mental health treatment as necessary, and get the advice of an expert in the field to receive the best results and advice.

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