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How to Make the Most of eBooks and Courses in PDF Format

eBooks and Courses

Online classes, courses, and eBooks are quite the norm nowadays because they’re easy to access using a mobile device. This way, you can learn or read while riding the train/bus/plane from and to work/school/meeting without having to carry a book with you all the time.

Now, most online classes will provide users with both video and written content, but if you’re reading an eBook, chances are it will be available in PDF format since it is compatible with most modern mobile devices.

In fact, most text documents and files available online are in PDF format due to the small size and high quality.

But there’s more to a PDF file than just allowing users to view the content in the format the author intended.

So, if you want to make sure you’re making the most out of your PDF courses and eBooks, check out our tips below.

Choose the Right Tools

From PDF readers to converters and editors, the mobile app stores are filled with all sorts of tools that promise to make your experience with PDFs better. However, you may not need all of them, so here’s how to choose the right tools for you:

A PDF converter (like PDF Simpli) is useful when you want to convert other formats such as word to PDF and upload the files online. The tool also converts PDFs to their original format for extra edits or additions.

An editor is great when you want to add comments or annotations to the text. These can be then shared with teammates or colleagues or simply stored for later analysis of the text.

After all, we all get thoughts and ideas we want to write down while reading, and there’s always a clever idea we want to highlight without losing our focus. All these and more can be done with a PDF editor tool.

A dedicated reader is equipped with tools designed to improve your reading experience by arranging the text in the most convenient way according to your device’s capabilities.

For instance, with the right reader, you can read PDF eBooks on your smartphone without having to move the page from left to right to see the whole thing (for smartphones with a smaller screen).

In summary, to properly enjoy your eBook, you should have a reader app that also allows you to make annotations and add comments.

Luckily, most recent apps have all these features so you don’t have to look for too long. However, you won’t get the advanced features for free, only the basic ones.

Quick tip: If you don’t want to install a dedicated app for your PDF files, you can still read your files using the mobile browser. Additionally, there are a few apps that allow you to make annotations and highlight text in the browser, regardless of the format of the file.

Keep Things Organized

As you move forward on your learning journey, you will gather a series of PDF resources that may become difficult to handle without proper organization.

First, it’s best to create folders for each of your courses, and keep the resources in categories. However, things can still get messy with voluminous books and classes.

Therefore, another method of keeping files organized is to merge PDF files that treat the same topic. This way, you’ll have one cohesive file that contains all the information you’ve downloaded and which can be browsed using the advanced search tool available in Adobe Reader (a free-to-use tool).

Additionally, if you want to send several files to someone else, you can simply zip all the PDF files into a compressed folder and send them in one package that’s easy to handle.
The transfer will be swifter and the receiver will thank you for keeping things simple.

Quick tip: some sharing platforms (like DropBox or Google Drive) allow you to connect your PDF reader with a cloud-based account in order to back up your files.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, we can say that the features provided by the PDF format helped promote things like eBooks and written online courses.

Nowadays, the format is extremely popular for both desktop and mobile device users, which is why there are so many tools you can use to enhance your reading experience.

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