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Best Gems and Jewelry to Use for Scrying and Balancing Chakras

Gems for Scrying

Using gemstones for chakra balancing is like tuning a musical instrument. Many spiritual people believe that each gem vibrates at its own frequency – just like each string on a guitar.

When your chakras are out of sync, they are akin to that discordant, off-key string. Introducing the appropriate gemstone can restore that harmony, bringing your energy centers back into alignment.

Even wearing jewelry – like necklaces, bracelets, and rings – with specifically chosen gems could help you to balance your chakras.

Before we look at the best gems and jewelry to use for balancing your chakras, let us first look at which ones to use for scrying.

The Best Gems to Use for Scrying

Scrying is all about using objects to see psychic visions. The process supposedly enables a practitioner to clear their mind and open and activate their third eye chakra. Traditionally, crystal balls were used. Mirrors and other reflective objects are also popular choices.

Clear quartz is the most commonly used gemstone for scrying. Many believe it possesses heightened metaphysical properties that aid in opening up the third eye and promoting psychic visions.

Clear diamonds can also be used for scrying. Seeing as lab-created diamonds are more affordable than mined diamonds, you can get more carats for less cash – if you want a diamond for scrying – by purchasing lab-grown diamonds.

Plus, ones that are created from crystallized greenhouse gas have identical brilliance and sparkle as mined diamonds – and those that are grown in a foundry produce zero net emissions and do not contribute to other environmental issues like mined diamonds do.

So, you might like to consider lab-created diamonds for custom jewelry as well as for scrying purposes. Take a look at this site to learn more about made-to-order engagement rings featuring lab-grown diamonds.

The Best Gems to Use for Balancing Chakras

By meditating on your chakras – or getting advice from a spiritual professional – you can determine which of your chakras you need to focus on the most to bring all of your chakras into balance.

You can then select the right gemstone to use in your meditation practice to help you unblock energy in any knotted chakra – and select jewelry that features those gems so that you can continually have their healing properties nearby.

So, here are the best gems to use for each of the seven main chakras.

Red Jasper and Black Tourmaline
The root chakra – which is located at the bottom of the spine – is related to our basic survival instinct and grounding energy. Both red jasper and black tourmaline are excellent choices for balancing this chakra as they promote strong connections with the earth – fostering feelings of safety and security.

Carnelian and Snowflake Obsidian
For balancing your second chakra – the sacral chakra – use carnelian or snowflake obsidian. Known for their properties related to creativity, passion, and emotional balance, these stones are sure to be highly beneficial.

Amber and Tiger’s Eye
The solar plexus chakra governs confidence and personal power. Both amber and tiger’s eye can help bolster self-confidence while encouraging a positive outlook.

Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine
When it comes to affairs of the heart – physically and emotionally – rose quartz or green aventurine are perfect gemstone choices. They uphold love energies and promote emotional healing.

Blue Lace Agate and Lapis Lazuli
For your throat chakra – which rules communication – choose blue lace agate or lapis lazuli. Their tranquil energies aid in expressing oneself genuinely without apprehension.

Amethyst and Azurite
To balance your third eye chakra – which represents intuition and foresight – amethyst and azurite are the best options. Their calming energies promote a heightened state of awareness and mental clarity.

Clear Quartz and Selenite
Lastly, for the highest of the main chakras – the crown chakra – clear quartz or selenite are optimal choices. These gemstones resonate with higher consciousness while fostering spiritual growth.

The Best Types of Jewelry for Each Gemstone

While any gemstone can potentially suit any type of jewelry, different gemstones often suit various types of jewelry better due to their texture, aesthetic appeal, and inherent symbolism.

Red Jasper
Red jasper’s earthy hues beautifully complement statement rings. Its robust nature can endure daily wear without losing any charm or luster.

Black Tourmaline
Given its grounding energy, black tourmaline is perfect for bracelets worn close to the pulse points – providing protection from negative energies throughout the day.

Carnelian’s bold red-orange hue makes it an excellent choice for necklaces. As a stone thought to increase courage and promote positive life choices, wearing it close to the heart can heighten these effects.

Snowflake Obsidian
Snowflake obsidian’s unique pattern looks fantastic in earrings where its intricate detailing can be fully appreciated at eye level.

Since amber is lighter than typical gemstones and has remarkable warm tones that glow in sunlight, it can work well in a pendant or necklace.

Tiger’s Eye
With its sleek golden strands, the tiger’s eye goes well with cuff bracelets – providing confidence and boosting energy.

Rose Quartz
As a universal symbol of love, rose quartz in delicate small earrings can capture one’s charming femininity and gentleness.

Green Aventurine
Green aventurine shines best on charm bracelets – serving as a lucky totem that adventures through life alongside its wearer.

Blue Lace Agate
Highly recommended for pendants, blue lace agate is calming with soft swirls – best showcased hanging near the heart center.

Lapis Lazuli
With its deep, celestial blue, lapis lazuli can be particularly fitting for elegant statement rings.

Amethyst is a majestic stone and lends itself well to crowning tiaras or hairpieces, signifying clarity and tranquility in spirituality.

Azurite’s vibrant blue color speaks volumes in brooches, where it serves as an ornamental conversation starter close to the voice box – symbolizing intuitive communication.

Clear Quartz
Clear quartz’s universal healing properties make it indispensable in modalities like pendulum necklaces, connecting directly with one’s energy channels when worn close to the heart.

Given its ethereal moon-like glow and spiritual properties, selenite is ideal for longer necklaces or lariat-style pendants that hang near the heart or solar plexus.

The Takeaway

Integrating these crystals into both your meditation practice and daily routine can assist in restoring balance to your chakras. You can wear them as jewelry throughout the day and meditate with them each evening, for instance.

By using inner understanding during meditation – or getting advice from a professional chakra healer – you can determine which chakras you need to activate more and, in turn, choose the right gemstones for your specific needs.

Alternatively, you could meditate with a gemstone for every one of your main seven chakras – you can then ensure all of your chakras begin to become balanced.