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What Are the Benefits of Spiritual Growth

Benefits of Spiritual Growth

You have most probably encountered more than once the the words ‘spiritual growth’.

Have you wondered what does this mean? What is the meaning of ‘growing spiritually’?

Before speaking about the benefits of spiritual growth, let’s first define spiritual growth.

What Is Spiritual Growth – Definition

Spiritual growth is an inner process of removing obsolete ideas and habits, wrong concepts, and erroneous beliefs and ideas about life. It is a process of widening the horizons of your consciousness, and understanding some inner truths.

It is not so much a process of growth, as a process of widening your awareness, opening your mind, and seeing life from a wider perspective.

Though all religions speak about spirituality, this concept does not belong exclusively to any religion or tradition. You don’t need to belong to any religion to engage in the process of spiritual growth.

In fact, the more free your mind is from any concepts, the easier it is to make progress.

This process is beneficial for all people, religious and secular, people living an ordinary life, and achievers in all areas of life. It is useful for people seeking spiritual awakening, people living in monasteries or ashrams, and people living and working in a city or town.

Everyone can benefit from it.

Actually, this term is misleading. According to various sources, the spirit is perfect and it does need to grow.

A better explanation of spiritual growth meaning would be:

  • Waking up from the ordinary, everyday consciousness, to a wider consciousness.
  • Growing out of old and erroneous concepts.
  • Becoming conscious and aware of who you really are, your real essence.
  • Accepting the idea that you are a spirit with a body, not a body with a spirit.

Spiritual growth is essential for a better, happier and more harmonious life, free of tension and strain, fear and anxiety.

The One Spirit

The Spirit of each person is an inseparable part of One Spirit, one creative power, which is present everywhere.

It is like the current of electricity, which moves in wires all over the city, activating all the machines, instruments and gadgets and lighting the houses and streets.

It is the same electricity power passing throughout the whole city. There is no “separate electricity” for each instrument.

In the same way, there is just “One Spirit”, “Life Force”, activating all living creatures, plants, trees, and everything in the Cosmos.

This means that the spirit within you, and in all people, is actually the same One Spirit, manifesting through all living creatures, people, animals and plants.

Accepting this idea, changes one’s viewpoint and attitude toward life.

Spiritual Growth Changes Your Viewpoint about Life

  • In this process of spiritual growth, you get rid of wrong concepts and beliefs, and get new insights about who you really are, and about the world in which you live.
  • In this process, you drop down negative and limiting habits, thoughts and beliefs, and let the inner self within you manifest.
  • It is a process of looking inside you, shedding your illusions and uncovering your true essence, which is always present, but hidden beyond your thoughts, habits and beliefs.

After defining the meaning of spiritual growth, let’s speak about the benefits of spiritual growth.

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What Are the Benefits of Spiritual Growth

There are quite a few benefits to spiritual growth. These benefits are available to all people, religious, secular and even agnostic.

1. You come to realize that you are not the ego, the body or the mind, but something that is bigger and wider.

2. You awaken feelings of happiness and bliss within you.

3. You achieve a state of inner peace.

4. You gain the ability to stay calm and not to allow circumstances and situations to affect your state of mind.

5. You become a more patient and tolerant person.

6. You rise above negative feelings and negative thoughts.

7. Your inner strength and confidence grow.

8. You become more courageous, and unafraid to leave your comfort zone.

9. You act with more common sense and see things as they really are.

Imagine a radiant bulb of light covered by dark curtains, which hide the light. In order to let the light of the bulb shine out and illuminate the surroundings, you do not have to increase the light or change the bulb. All you have to do is to take away the curtains that are covering it.

In the same way, you let the spirit within you emerge and manifest, by removing limiting thoughts, negative habits, and erroneous beliefs.

Should you pursue practices leading to “Spiritual Growth”? This is your decision. Some would, and some would not.

What are the tools, and where you can find the information and advice for this process?

Strange as it might seem, if this is something that you really want, you will find the right books, articles, advice or teachers for you.

If the desire is strong, you will find all you need. You can start here, by exploring the other articles and the books on this website.

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