Why Positive Thinking Is Not Working

People often ask me why positive thinking does not work for them. Here is an email message I have received recently:

“I’ve been trying this whole positive thinking thing for about 2 years now with no results. Things actually seen to be getting worse. I’m up to my neck in debt and my health isn’t the greatest. I watched “The secret” and thought, “wow”, but after a while of really trying to change my thought patterns, I had to give up on it.”

Why does this happen?

Like everything in life, positive thinking requires constant training. You need to try again and again until you succeed. Rarely things change overnight.

Usually, when people first hear about positive thinking and how it can change their lives, they get excited and elated, but if they don’t see immediate results, they often get disappointed and discouraged and lose any faith in positive thinking.

To make it work for you, you need to make it your predominant mental attitude, and not something you think about only now and then. It is not enough to be positive for a few minutes and negative for the rest of the day.

The mind doesn’t like to change its thinking patterns, and often, subconsciously, it sabotages the attempt for positive thinking.

You might succeed in maintaining a positive attitude for a little while, but the mind will often revert to its old thinking patterns, and you might not be aware of this.

You have to be patient, persevering and attentive to your thoughts, and whenever being aware of negative, depressing or discouraging thoughts, consciously replace them with opposite positive and happy thoughts. This has to be a constant practice.

There is some kind of a wrong concept relating to anything that has to do with personal and spiritual growth. As these subjects deal with emotions, thoughts, mind and spirit, which are not tangible, people wrongly think that there are no rules and laws here, and just thinking or believing in some kind of theory is going to change their lives.

This is not so. The same rules and laws required for learning a new language or a new trade, building a business or bodybuilding apply here too.

To get real results, you also need to act on the physical level, do things, work, study and take advantage of new opportunities that can help you accomplish your desire, and not just think some positive thoughts for a few minutes, and wait for miracles to happen without doing a thing.

To make positive thinking work, you need to stay motivated, and have a strong desire to accomplish what you are after.

To make positive thinking work, you need to be willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want, and not stay passive and wait for things to happen.

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