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How Do Positive Affirmations Work?

Positive Affirmations Do Work

People often ask me about affirmations, how to use them, and whether they really work.

They ask, “Do affirmations work?”

“How do affirmations work?”

I am sure you have heard about affirmations. In case you didn’t, affirmations are positive statements that describe in positive words a desired situation, event, habit, or something that we want to possess or achieve.

Do Affirmations Work?

If you ask whether affirmations work, the answer is yes. They do work if you repeat them with faith and without having doubts, and this is the most difficult part. You should have no doubts because doubts destroy affirmations.

How do affirmations work? By hammering them into your mind. To make them work, you have to repeat them often, attentively, while believing that what you are affirming is either already true or in the process of becoming true.

Gradually, as you repeat the positive statements – positive affirmations, they sink into the subconscious mind and influence it to act in accordance with the repeated words.

As you repeat the words with belief and focus, your motivation and desire grow stronger and push you to start taking action to make the words you are repeating come true.

  • You will begin to think positively and to expect success.
  • You will begin to recognize opportunities when they appear.
  • Gain new friends or meet people who would help you.
  • Find the right book, information, advice, or guidance that you need.
  • You will also find solutions to problems, answers, and insights related to the goal you want to achieve.

How to Get Results with Affirmations

how do affirmations work? If you wish to get results, repeat affirmations often.

The words you repeat often in your mind ultimately affect your subconscious mind and reprogram it according to the idea and words of the affirmation.

By repeating the affirmations, you program your subconscious mind to help you manifest your goals, change your habits or develop new skills.

It is not enough to repeat affirmations just a few times. This is one of the reasons for the failure to get results, which eventually leads to losing faith in the affirmations and stop using them.

If you wish to use these positive words and statements and get results, it would be a good idea to start with small goals at first, in order to get some experience. This will also show you, first hand, how they work, so you can use them better.

Starting small also gives you the faith and confidence you need when working on bigger goals.

It often happens that after a few days of repeating affirmations, the mind starts raising doubts about the efficiency and usefulness of the affirmations, and you start asking yourself whether affirmations do work at all.

If your goal is a minor goal, it takes a shorter time to achieve it, and therefore, the mind has less time to raise doubts and neutralize your efforts. This is another reason why it is better to start small.

Small success at first, will strengthen your faith in the method, and the resistance of your mind will get weaker.

How Do Affirmations Work?

Again to the question, “Do affirmations work?” Yes, they do, if you use them correctly.

What Affirmations Do?

  1. Repeating affirmations motivates you to act, in order to attain your desire or goal.
  2. By repeating affirmations you become aware of opportunities that might surface, which could make your aims and goals come true.
  3. Affirmations strengthen your ambition and desire.
  4. The words you repeat get engraved on your subconscious mind and affect behavior and habits.
  5. They program the subconscious mind to bring up helpful ideas and solutions.
  6. Affirmations activate the power of the subconscious mind, which will supply the desire, ideas, opportunities, and even the right circumstances.

To produce results with affirmations, you need to repeat them often, with attention, interest and desire, and add emotions and inner conviction.

Be careful not to weaken them by raising doubts and thinking negatively. It is a waste of time to repeat them and then doubting their efficiency.

It is also important that you don’t just repeat the words, stay passive and wait for results to appear out of thin air. You need to follow your intuition, open your mind, seize opportunities that come your way and take action.

Positive affirmations together with positive actions produce results.

Always Repeat Positive Words

If you repeat negative words and repeatedly think about problems and obstacles, you are signaling to your subconscious mind that it is difficult to make positive changes in your life.

On the other hand, if you are positive, and constantly repeat positive words, you will ultimately shape your life in accordance with these words.

Now, to the question, “do affirmations work”, they do, but don’t take my word for it. The best way to to answering this question is to try them for yourself. Just learn more about them, follow the instructions, and see for yourself.

The techniques for following them are quite simple. You can use affirmations for achieving goals, and you can also use them for improving your daily life, for encouragement, inspiration and for motivation.

Sometimes results are almost immediate, and sometimes they take time. This depends on your goal, dedication, efforts and other factors.

They do work if you use them right and correctly, and this is not a difficult thing to do.

Affirmation Examples

Here are a few affirmation examples:

  1. “I am attracting happiness and joy into my life.”
  2. “I am becoming a friendly person and I attracting to me new friends.”
  3. “I have found a wonderful and well paying job.”
  4. “My life are improving day by day.”
  5. “I have a wonderful and satisfying job.”
  6. “I have money in my bank account and feel financially secure.”
  7. “I am going to get very good grades at the examination.”
  8. “I think positive thoughts that attract happiness and prosperity into my life.”
  9. “Happiness is welling from inside me day and night.”

If you wish to learn more about affirmations, how do they work, and how to use them effectively to make changes in your life, get a new job, earn more money, change habits, or for anything else, you will find the book “Affirmations Words with Power” most helpful.

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