Top Seven Self Improvement Myths

One of the many wonders of the digital age is that it’s never been easier to locate advice on how to live a happier, more productive life. A seemingly never ending library of self-help literature is now just a Google … Continue Reading

Turning Self Doubt into Confidence

If you have a clear direction in life, and feel ready to move forward, self doubt can be the fastest way to slow you down. If you believe the inner voice of doubt, it can easily rob you of your … Continue Reading

Drama Belongs in the Theatre

‘My life is so hard right now.’ ‘So-and-so did this…’ ‘I’m so worried about that…’ ‘ I’m so busy…’ ‘I’m overwhelmed.’ ‘I’m so tired.’ ‘I’m so… fill in the blank.’ Does this sound familiar? Do you identify with the drama … Continue Reading

Creating Changes in Your Life

Below, you will find an excerpt from an article, titled “Inner Changes Bring Outer Changes”. I have written this article a few years ago, but I have revised it today. It is a short article that emphasizes the need for … Continue Reading

Stuck in the Past

A big part of spirituality – and my own spiritual practice and teaching – has to do with living in the present moment. That’s because it is a crucial element of true happiness. And yet, so many people are living … Continue Reading


How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety Naturally

There is no denying that stress and anxiety are part of everyday life. Due to lifestyle changes and numerous challenges that people go through on a daily basis, these two mental health problems have become common. However, excessive stress and … Continue Reading

Do You Play the Blame Game in Life?

Do You Play the Blame Game in Life? Does everyone around you make your life a living nightmare? Do you hate your job, dislike your marriage, and have more debt than you ever wanted? Life is so unfair sometimes, isn’t … Continue Reading