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How to Achieve Your Goals

Achieve Your Goals

Can you believe that anything is possible once you put your mind to it?

Most people don’t… and that’s why they don’t bother trying and they don’t set (or achieve) ‘big’ and inspiring goals.

But today, we ask that you let yourself be different. Give yourself a chance.

Today, if there’s anything you want to do in life that you feel really passionate about or any goal that you want to achieve, simply use the following steps to begin your path with clarity and conviction.

These steps have worked for Olympic athletes, CEOs, billionaires, millionaires, and everyday people who have a passion… and best of all, they can work for you too!

Steps to Achieving Your Goals

1 – Set your goals. Figure out what you really like and want to do in life (in the next 2-5 years) and write it down with absolute clarity. Because before you begin working toward something, you need to know what it is!

2 – Act on it. Now that you know what you like and want, you need to take the necessary action to move closer and closer toward it until you arrive.

What are some of the first steps you need to take? Take them now. Be sure to move towards your goals each and every day by taking consistent action… Every. Single. Day.

3 – Adjust your action. Once you begin taking action, you’ll find that unexpected challenges arise. This often requires that you honestly think, learn, understand, and assess which actions are working and which aren’t.

Once you figure out what’s working and what’s not, you’ll need to adjust your actions and efforts to suit better the actual landscape you’re facing (and the new knowledge you’ve acquired).

This way, you can surpass these challenges and move ahead.

Additional Steps to Achieving Your Goals

4 – Embrace the three P’s. Patience, Positivity, Perseverance.

Patience: As you’re working toward achieving your goals, you’ll find that sometimes things don’t happen as quickly as you’d like. Stay patient… but keep your eyes open in case something really isn’t working (in that case, you wouldn’t want to be too patient).

Positivity: When challenges arise (and they will), stay positive.

By the time you arrive at your desired goal you’ll either forget about these challenges or you’ll remember them as being much easier than they initially seemed at the time.

Plus, when you’re rationally optimistic, you actually come up with better solutions to your challenges. (Negativity makes us humans a bit ‘slower’ for some reason… it actually interferes with our creative, problem-solving abilities).

Perseverance: Whatever you do, when challenges arise, when things seem hopeless or bad, do not give up! The reason that people don’t achieve their goals is because they give up. That’s the only reason. Don’t do it.

5 – Enjoy the journey. You know the saying, “life is a journey, not a destination.” So be sure to enjoy the journey of setting and working toward your goals.

In fact, scientific studies show that we humans are actually happiest right before we achieve our goals, not right after. So enjoy each and every step toward your goals because you never know when your ‘arrival’ is just around the corner.

Here’s Another Tip for the Road

As you set out to achieve your goals remember that all challenges you’ll face on the way actually serve to guide you in the right direction. More often than not, we all think we know exactly what to do as we head out toward realizing our dreams, but we soon learn that we don’t know everything.

That’s why the challenges we encounter (also known as ‘obstacles’) actually tell us which way to go!

Think of challenges as ‘road closed’ signs that show up just when you’re about to make a left in life, when you should be going right or straight. Challenges guide you like that.

This means that all your challenges actually save you from going the wrong way. So as you set out to achieve your goals, welcome the challenges you face because they actually help you arrive at your desired destination.

What are you waiting for? (Don’t answer that). Go ahead and get started!

About the Authors:
Cece Suwal and Mark Brener are coauthors of the national bestseller, A Guide To Your Supreme Power and cofounders of The One World Initiative.