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Do You Accept and Believe Every Thought That Enters Your Mind?

Many Thoughts

Do you accept and believe every thought that that passes through your mind?

Some of these thoughts might be yours, but many of them are not yours. They might be other people’s thoughts, or the result of what you saw and heard.

How many of your beliefs, ideas and thoughts are really yours and not something you heard, read or saw?

Are you aware of the quantity of thoughts that pass through your mind every day and every hour?

Thinking is such a natural process that most people are not even aware of what is going on in their minds. It is an automatic behavior.

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The Mind Is a Busy Place, Full of Thoughts

The mind is like a central train station, a very busy place, where a lot of thoughts come and go all the time.

Our interactions with the people around us, the conversations we hear and which go on around us, what we read, the TV, radio, books and magazines, all create thoughts in our minds. This is natural process and happens every minute and second of the day and night.

If the unending flow of thoughts is a natural process of the mind, why should you care about it?

If you want to have some control over your life and achieve something in your life, you need not to learn to stop accepting every thought that enters your mind. You need to reject thoughts that are contrary or opposed to your goals.

Often, the thoughts that you accept into your mind are negative thoughts, worries, and limiting thoughts. Continuing to think them becomes a habit, and you begin to believe them and start living in accordance with them. Is this something you really want?

Do you Allow Every Thought to Enter Your Mind?

It is strange, but to most people it never occurs that they can accept some thoughts and reject others.

Do you leave open wide all the doors and windows of your house, letting everyone enter your house and do what they want? Would you allow that? Certainly not! But you allow every thought that floats around to enter into your mind and engage your attention.

When the thought goes away, a new thought fills their place and so on and on, every minute of the day and night.

  • You watch the news and your thoughts start running with speculations, worries or questions.
  • You hear someone talking and an inner conversation starts in your mind.
  • Someone says something you don’t like, and you start thinking angry thoughts.
  • You want to study, but your thoughts run from one thought to another with irrelevant thoughts, not letting you focus on what you are studying.

Do You Control Your Thoughts or Do Your Thoughts Control You?

Some thoughts hang longer in the mind and others for a short time. Some people attract thoughts of a certain kind to their minds, and others attract different thoughts. It all happens without you being aware of what is going on.

You might even accept these thoughts as true, when actually, they are not. If you repeat them often, they would affect your habits and behavior.

Are you doing anything about this situation? If your mind is always busy with thoughts, and if you accept them as true, or act in accordance with them without any sort of filter, you are letting these thoughts control your life.

Next time when you are alone at home, or if you walk alone outside, try to pay attention to your mind, and notice what is going on inside your mind. You will be surprised at the activity that is going on.

Suppose you could have a few minutes of rest now and then from your thoughts?

If you stop accepting every thought you would have some control over your mind, your thoughts and your life. Your focus would improve, and so would your inner strength and inner peace.

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