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The Magic Behind the Law of Attraction

Attracting Money

Do you wish to learn how to create the life you want, attract the things you want, and enjoy abundance in your life?

I am sure you do.

You have most probably heard about the law of attraction. This law of nature can attract the things you want into your life. This law says that like attracts like and that thoughts have power.

It means that what you think about frequently, ultimately, turns into reality.

This can work both ways, to attract what you want, and to attract what you do not want. What you attract depends on your habitual thinking.

If you keep thinking negative thoughts, you will attract the problems and difficulties you are thinking about, and if you keep thinking positively about the things you want, you will eventually get them.

The Simple and Natural Magic Behind the Law of Attraction

  1. Your predominant thoughts dictate your reality.
  2. Your predominant feelings dictate your reality.
  3. The law of attraction works like the power of gravity, attracting like a magnet.
  4. What you think is what you get.
  5. Thoughts, together with feelings, possess the power to make changes in your life.
  6. The law of attraction can manifest the reality of the future that you want.

How to Harness the Powerful Law of Attraction

You can manifest into reality the future that you want.

The universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. The same energy that exists all over the universe exists within us. Through the law of attraction, you connect to the frequencies of energy of the things you desire.

The law of attraction works through our thoughts. This is why we should be careful of what we think. We need to avoid thinking on the things we do not want.

The problem is that our mind and thinking are affected by our environment, what we see and hear, and by our experience. If our environment and our experience have been negative, we usually think about the problems we are facing, and about the lack that we are experiencing. These thought create more problems and more lack.

We should be aware of these thoughts and strive to reject them by thinking about the things we truly want. This might not be easy at first, but with perseverance, we can change our thoughts.

Through right thinking, we can manifest into reality the future that we want. We have the power to change our life by changing our thoughts. We can connect to the power of the Universe and to the law of attraction.

Three Steps to Harness the Law of Attraction and Make It Work

1. You need to have a strong desire

A strong desire is essential for making the law of attraction work for you. Desire involves feelings and emotions, the powers that set the law of attraction into movement.

You need to believe that the law of attraction is going to work for you. Your ambition and desire cannot be strong enough if you do not believe in yourself and in the law of attraction.

Faith in the law of attraction, and the belief that it can work on your behalf, remove mental barriers, disbelief and doubt, which prevent your goals from being realized.

You have to use every opportunity and idea to boost your ambition and motivation. If you are truly earnest, you will find and recognize the opportunities and take advantage of them.

2. Visualization

You need to feel and to visualize that your goal has already been fulfilled, or that it is in the process of being realized. You have to adopt an attitude of a winner, of someone who has achieved his or her goal.

Imagine how it would feel when possess the things you want. Do not be afraid to imagine big, and do not worry how you are going to get them, even you see no way of getting them.

Feel as if you have lots of money, even when you earn a minimum wage. You can imagine and feel anything you want, because the power of your thought is limitless.

3. Taking positive action

You need to take positive action toward your dreams. When an opportunity presents itself, you have to be aware of it and use it.

You have to open your mind to the infinite potential power of the universe, and have no doubts that you are part of it.

Take positive action from a place of happy, optimistic expectation. A happy optimistic attitude is a great power.

Think what it is you want. Read about it and about people who have achieved the same or a similar goal, and learn what you can do that they did, right now.

Acquiring Habits, Attitudes and Skills for Achieving Your Goals

You might need to adopt some constructive habits or attitude, or start studying or training to get a certain skill that you need for the achievement of your goal.

1. You can start, even with just 10 minutes a day, to take some steps toward your goal right now, in your current circumstances of life. This will boost your confidence and take you forward, toward your goal.

2. If you wish to start a business, see what small steps you can take right now.

3. If want to lose weight, start taking steps right now, such as eating less and starting to exercises.

4. Imagine what the new reality you wish to create would look like, and how it feels to live in it.

5. Do you want to be a writer? Start feeling as if you already are one and imagine yourself writing.

6. Do not just daydream and do nothing to make things happen.

Once you start feeling and imagining what you want, you set the law of attraction into action. You become the person you imagine to be, and you attract the job, money, spouse or trip abroad that you have been visualizing.

The Law of Attraction responds when you use it correctly. You use it and make it work when you visualize your goal and follow certain other rules. Visualization is a creative process. Those who know how to use it correctly can reach far.

Visualization, and how to use it to achieve your goals, is the theme of one of my books. In this book, I describe all the steps you need to take, and all the rules for setting visualization and the law of attraction into action. Everything is explained in a simple and clear way.

You need to remember that you have to change your thoughts in order to create a new reality. If you do not change your thoughts, you will be creating the same reality that you currently experience now, over and again.

You need a new frame of mind. You have to strip away limiting beliefs, feelings of unworthiness and negativity, and thoughts about lack and problems.