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Consciousness, Awareness, and Your Real Essence

Consciousness Awareness

Find a few minutes to be alone in a quiet place. Sit down, relax, and then try to pay attention to your awareness of yourself, to your consciousness.

Watch your consciousness – your sense of awareness of yourself and the world around you, the sensation of being aware and alive, and observe what you feel.

I do not mean that you look at the contents of your mind, at your thoughts. I mean that you pay attention to the sense of awareness and being conscious and alive, not to your thoughts.

Just be fully aware of the sensation and feeling of being alive and existing- of BEING.

The consciousness – awareness- being that I am referring to is not the awareness of your body, thoughts, emotions or individuality, but of something beyond them, which gives them the power to exist.

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This consciousness is your inner being, your real essence.

We all are aware, to a certain degree, of this consciousness. Sometimes, we are more aware of it, and at other times less aware, but it is always here, with us.

We never investigate what it is or try to be intently aware of it. This is because the mind and the attention flow outside, to the external world, and rarely inside. This is something that rarely occurs to most people.

You might ask, “Why do I need to be aware of this consciousness? I have never thought about it before. Why now?”

When you become aware of it your life starts to change. You learn who you really are, you gain more control of yourself, and your mind becomes less restless.

Your Real Essence Is Awareness – Consciousness

You are the consciousness and awareness beyond the mind, which gives life to your body, emotions and thoughts.

As this consciousness-awareness is you, the real you, you ought to know something about it.

  • If you own a car, don’t you want to know, at least superficially, how to take care of it?
  • If you own a TV, a mobile phone, or some other electrical appliance, don’t you want to know how to use it and make it work?

It is the same here.

The more you become aware of your consciousness, the more conscious and aware of yourself, life and the world you become, and you also gain better control of your thoughts and behavior.

This awareness will result in becoming calm person, possessing peace of mind, and becoming free from anxieties and worries. Other results are inner strength and happiness.

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When watching a beautiful, breathtaking landscape, do you sometimes become immersed in it and overwhelmed by it, and for a few moments, you cease to be aware of your body, feelings and thoughts? For a little while, you become merged in some sort of silence.

A little while later, your mind starts verbalizing about the landscape, and your awareness returns to its usual state. You return to your ordinary consciousness and awareness of your body and its sensations.

You did not lose consciousness during this experience. It was a happy and joyous experience, in which you became aware of something beyond your ordinary awareness.

For a brief time, you were beyond your body, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, gender, family and social or economic status. It is as if you experienced a different kind of awareness.

For a brief moment, you experienced something beyond the usual, ordinary, everyday awareness.

You can experience and feel this consciousness-awareness, which is your real and true essence. You can know it by experiencing it, not by thinking or talking about it, since it is beyond the mind. It is actually the power that makes the mind work.

Talking about this consciousness is useless, because this consciousness is beyond thoughts, and therefore, beyond words. It is experienced only when thoughts cease, whether unintentionally, as in the above example, of watching a landscape, or intentionally, with the help of meditation or special concentration exercises.

Becoming Aware of Your Consciousness

By teaching yourself to be aware of your consciousness, the mind and the flow of thoughts calm down, and you experience inner peace.

What can help you become aware of your consciousness and inner essence?
  1. Developing the ability to focus the mind is a great help
  2. Reading spiritual literature
  3. Coming in contact with people who are on the same path, and who more advanced than you
  4. Practicing meditation
  5. Developing strong concentration
  6. Constant striving to be aware of your Awareness, Consciousness and inner Being

These are actually the golden keys that open the door to inner peace, the expansion of consciousness, and to Enlightenment.

You do not need to search for this Consciousness. It is here, and you are living in it all the time. You only forgot it. You are letting thoughts fill your awareness and rule your life.

The sky is always up there. If you don’t see it, this is because of the clouds that cover it. In the same way, the clouds of thoughts cover your Consciousness, but by removing them, you become aware of it.

The Consciousness I am talking about is not the everyday, ordinary awareness of your body and personality. It is not the awareness of the world around you. It is a sort of “Higher Consciousness” that stands beyond the ordinary consciousness.

The ordinary consciousness is changeable and intermittent, while this consciousness is permanent.

Most of the time, we are aware of the outer world, and rarely of our inner world. There are times of sleep and times of wakefulness. Yet, the “Inner Consciousness” is always present. It never ceases to be and is always present. It is at the background of whatever happens in life.

Strive to be aware of this consciousness, and you will see how happier, calmer and more confident you become.

When you learn to calm down the chatter of your mind, you become more aware of this consciousness – awareness -essence, which is the root of everything.

Calm Down the Chatter of Your Mind

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