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How to Use the 55×5 Manifestation Method to Manifest Your Dream Life

55x5 Manifestation Method

If you are into the Law of Attraction, then you might have heard about the “55×5 Manifestation Method”. But what exactly does it mean and how to use it?

Well, in this article we will cover everything there is to know about the famous 55×5 Manifesting Method and how we can apply it to our lives.

Before we move on, the Law of Attraction is a very wide concept and not everything might work for you.

For some people, affirmations tend to work better while for others Subliminals might do the trick.

It all depends on what suits you the best and how long you can perform the exercise without falling out of your comfort zone.

Also, if you are struggling with the Law of Attraction, you can consider taking the help of a Law of Attraction program.

What Is The 55×5 Manifestation Method?

In the 55×5 Manifesting Formula, you decide on a goal or your dream and write it down 55 times for 5 days consecutively.

We all know that journaling is an excellent Law of Attraction exercise and is known to have done wonders.

This method also works on the same principles, but is more focused to achieve the goal faster.

The 55×5 ritual works by affecting your subconscious mind and re-programs it for your goals. Once you are done with the ritual, you will start to notice a change in your mindset as well.

What Is The Significance Of The Number 5?

The reason number 5 is used In this manifestation method is that it is highly connected to the Law of Attraction in many ways.

Every human body has 4 limbs and a head (4+1=5), 5 fingers, and toes, can you see a connection? Also in numerology, the number 5 signifies some major life changes.

How To Perform The 55×5 Manifestation Method

There Is not much required to perform this ritual. All you need is a pen, paper, and a goal in your mind.

Below are a few steps which will help you get started with this amazing manifestation method, to help you manifest your dream car, house, money, or for that matter, anything you wish to achieve in your life

Getting Prepared

The very first step is to decide your goal or dream. The dream needs to be short and specific but not too vague as well. For eg. If you are manifesting a car, you can write something like ” I love my Black BMW X5″.

See how I wrote a specific goal without going into the details, such as the horsepower or features. This is exactly how your goal needs to be.

You can find many such affirmations online, but it is advised to create your own affirmations, as they give you a sense of personal touch. You can always look up online for ideas though.

Start Writing

Once you are done with deciding your affirmations, you have to start writing down the affirmations 55 times daily for five days.

Performing this exercise every day for 5 days is very crucial to manifesting your goals.

Make sure you keep the affirmation the same for all 5 days and don’t try to change any words to make it easier for you.

Changing and chopping will lead to sending unclear signs to the Universe, which might harm your manifestation.

Letting It Go

This is an important step in the manifestation process. Once you are done with everything, it is really important to let go of your desires. Simply holding onto them will only create self-doubts in your mind.

Thinking about your desires all the time will make you insecure, whether your dreams will get true or not. So it is always advised to just forget about the desires or your goals and get on with your life.

Doubts attract negative energies and send mixed signals to the universe, which is obviously not the best thing for your manifestation process.

How Long Does It Take To See My Dreams Come True?

There is no specific answer to this. You might see your dream come true in a matter of hours or days, but also it could take a few months as well. It all depends on your goal and the dedication you put into the process.

Don’t expect your goals to just become true without doing anything. Keep grinding for your goals and look for the signs from the Universe.

If you are trying to manifest money, it wont always appear in the form of a random cheque. It could come in the form of a new project or a promotion in your job that will put some extra money in your pocket.

Manifestations work differently for everybody, so don’t expect the same results.


All in all, the 55×5 manifestation method is a really good way to attract your dreams provided you do everything as is asked of you.

Make sure your affirmations are short and to the point( specific).

When you are performing the exercise, try to get in a pleasant mood and avoid doing the exercise if you are angry or are having rational thoughts. It will only harm your manifestation.

Also, try to visualize a future in which you have achieved your dreams.

Visualization helps in raising your vibrations and aligns them with your goals.

I hope you try out the 55×5 manifestation method and that it helps you achieve all your dreams.

Good luck.

About the Author
Patrick Wood is a Professional Manifestation and Law of Attraction Coach. He has been in this field for the last 10 years and helped turn around the lives of many people.

He works with clients globally, and his expertise covers all areas of manifesting, including limitless money, business success, abundance and happiness. He welcomes you all to Manifest an Abundant life for you and your loved ones!