Living in Pure Awareness

Pure Awareness

There have always been people searching for the meaning of life and looking for enlightenment and freedom. They read, study, listen to lectures, travel far, and search for teachers to help them find inner peace and Self-Realization.

This thing has been going on throughout all the ages, but how many of all the seekers have found what they were looking for?

The answer to this quest is inside you. You do not have look for it somewhere else. It is like looking for your eyeglasses, while you are actually wearing them.

Pure Awareness

A thought enters to our mind, and then another one replaces it. It is a very fast process, of which we are hardly aware.

If you train your concentration ability, by practicing suitable training exercises, it would help you become more conscious of your thoughts and of their coming and going.

As you gain more control of your thoughts, fewer thoughts would pass through your mind per minute. Under these conditions, you become aware of intervals between thoughts. This might be just a second or a split second of quietude. At this time, there are no thoughts in the mind, just silence and pure awareness.

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In this state, there is consciousness, you are aware of everything around you, but there are no thoughts. This is pure awareness. This is living in the present moment.

We often experience briefly something close to this interval of calmness, of being without thoughts, upon waking from sleep and also a moment before falling asleep.

Usually, we are dimly conscious of it, as we are not trained to discern it. If you pay attention to these moments of consciousness with no thoughts, in time, you would become more and more aware of them.

At the time before falling asleep and losing consciousness, the number of thoughts drop down, and you experience inner peace.

The same thing happens immediately upon waking up, before becoming conscious of the body, feelings, thoughts and the ego. This is a time of non-identification with anything. We just exist, not as this or that, but only as pure existence, pure awareness.

This awareness, without thoughts, also emerges when watching a beautiful sunset or a beautiful painting.

You might experience pure awareness at times, when you are engrossed in some interesting and absorbing activity, and forget everything else for a little while. When in this state, worries and problems disappear, and you enjoy a sense of inner peace.

Calm Down the Chatter of Your Mind

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Living in Pure Awareness

You say, “I walk”, “I talk”, “I eat”, “I work”, “I think”, “I feel”, etc. Drop the verbs “walk”, “talk”, “eat”, “work”, “think”, “feel”, and what remains? Just the “I”, just a sense of “Being”.

It is possible just to BE, to be “Aware”, without identifying with anything, without being busy with thoughts, and without putting any label on yourself. This is Pure Awareness. It is your and everyone’s natural state of existence.

When in deep sleep, we are not conscious of anything in particular, and there are no thoughts, feelings, worries, or desires. There is nothing, yet, we exist. It seems like a state of nothingness, but it is more a state of “clean awareness”.

Upon awakening up, we remember that we experienced “nothingness” and a sort of “emptiness”. Since we remember experiencing a state of “nothingness”, it means that there was no total unconsciousness.

These experiences give you an idea of what it is to experience the feeling of “Being”, of Pure Awareness, of being without thoughts.

Do you enjoy deep sleep with no dreams? It is relaxing and enjoyable sleep, but without the ordinary consciousness with thoughts, worries and anxieties. It is possible to experience this state, even while being fully conscious and active, but this requires inner work, concentration and meditation.

Your nonstop thinking is the reason for not being aware of this Pure Awareness. Controlling your thoughts and calming down the mind allow this Awareness to emerge.

You can develop the ability to be aware and feel this state of Pure Awareness. You can live in it when you stop identifying with your thoughts and getting absorbed in them. For this, you need a certain degree of concentration and emotional detachment.

These are lucid, real experiences for the people who manage to live in them. The way to these experiences is open for everyone. All you need to do is to open your eyes and mind, become aware of your thoughts, and learn to keep your mind calm and not agitated.

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