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7 Delightful Ways to Celebrate and Reward Yourself When You Reach a Goal

Reward Yourself When You Reach a Goal

We work hard to complete tasks that are either related to our jobs or to maintain a happy home life. On top of that, we also go above and beyond to support our families. Despite all that we do for others, sometimes we forget to celebrate our own achievements.

It’s important to reward ourselves when we hit a goal milestone, as it encourages us to keep striving for better!

Why You Need to Reward Yourself

Many of us will reward ourselves when we accomplish huge goals, like getting a promotion or losing 20 pounds, but rarely do we give ourselves a token of appreciation for smaller tasks.

However, most small tasks do lead to large goals. After all, you had to show up on time every day to earn that promotion and lose 1 pound to lose 20.

To keep yourself motivated and productive, it’s essential to reward yourself with something that won’t push your goals back. For example, if you complete a workout, you can reward yourself with an hour of television.

A reward activates the dopamine receptors in your brain, which helps your brain associate a difficult task with something positive. In the end, you’ll feel more excited to reach your goal.

Celebrate Your Wins with the Following 7 Gifts

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done by treating yourself with the following gifts.

1. Buy Yourself a Nice Potted Plant
Potted plants are earthy, smell good, and produce multiple positive effects on the body. Order from Bouqs plant delivery for fresh, local plants to help improve your mood, heal from the common cold, aid in relaxation, and increase your energy.

2. Take Yourself Out for Breakfast
If you’re completing an exercise or weight loss goal, it’s absolutely okay to take yourself out once and a while. Just try not to go overboard, as you could negate your progress. When done appropriately, you can eat a supportive nutritious breakfast that you don’t have to make!

3. Relax or Take a Nap
Give yourself permission to take the entire day off, or a couple of hours off, to enjoy doing nothing at all. Instead of knocking off a few errands or cleaning the house – just don’t do it! Seriously, slacking off feels incredible, and we all deserve a little R&R once and a while.

4. Watch a Film or a Television Show
An easy way to reward yourself is by watching a film you’ve been dying to see or by viewing a few episodes of a television show. Both of these rewards are quick, as most movies run between 1-2 hours. In that time, enjoy yourself and take your mind off of your responsibilities.

5. Hire a Babysitter
Parents are incredibly busy, and while we love to spend time with our children, we also need some guilt-free “me” time. Some tasks take extra time because of our kids, but without them, you can concentrate on a job you’ve been meaning to do, or you could just relax for the night.

6. Go to the Spa
Spas are an incredible way to pass the time, and most of us could use a little bit of pampering, men included. A typical spa day will usually consist of a massage, manicure and pedicure, a facial, waxing, body treatments, and more. Plus, you don’t have to do any of the work!

7. Take a walk to the Coffee Shop
Don’t waste a nice day by spending it at home cooped up inside!

If you live near a park or a coffee shop, take a trip to the café and order your favorite drink. Prefer to stay inside? No problem! Bring a friend for a chat. Or, you could both take a walk around the lake or city.

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