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Why You Need to Be Kind and Tolerant While Driving

Be Kind and Tolerant While Driving

How do you behave on the road while driving?

I am not asking about your speed, which should be within the allowed limits or whether you heed the road signs, which you should.

I am talking about your attitude toward other drivers, about driving manners, and about how you treat other drivers and pedestrians.

  • Are you tolerant toward other drivers?
  • Are you patient on the road?
  • Do you stop at pedestrian crossing to allow people to cross the road safely?
  • How much kindness and courtesy do you show to other drivers?
  • Can you stay patient when you find yourself in a traffic jam?

Why You Need to Be Kind on the Road

Showing kindness, considerateness and patience are among the most important values.

You might feel unhappy, angry or frustrated, but that does not mean the other people should suffer from your mood and state of mind.

I often see drivers that do not stop to let pedestrians cross the street safely, drivers that endanger other drivers, and drivers that say some not nice words to other drivers.

Some are nice people, but when driving, their character changes.

Imagine the following scenario. You are walking outside, and then you need to cross the street at the pedestrian crossing. A car arrives, and though the drivers see you, he accelerates and drives, instead of stopping.

This makes you angry, doesn’t it? But what happens when you are the driver? Do you act in the same way, or do you stop to let the pedestrians cross the street?

Being considerate, kind and patient, and following basic human good manners are good exercises for self improvement and personal growth.

Often, an act of kindness is similar to the act of creating ripples. You act kindly toward someone, and this someone, unconsciously, continues with this act toward someone else, and this can go on and on.

This holds true for acts of patience and tolerance. This also holds true in every area of life, not just with driving.

An Example of the Act of Being Kind and Considerate While Driving

Here are a few examples of acting with kindness, patience and considerateness when driving.

A driver wishes to enter the road from a side street, but no one slows down to let him or her enter the road.

Suppose you just slow down a little, so they can enter the road or intersection.

This act is a good exercise in willpower and patience. It teaches you to act consciously, not unconsciously and instinctively. It teaches you to make a decision and carry it out, even if you are not willing to.

The driver whom you allowed to enter into the lane would feel grateful, and maybe even moved by your act. Instinctively, he or she would act in the same way you did, and act kindly too, toward other drivers.

It’s like creating ripples of kindness which grow and get transmitted from one driver to other drivers

With such a small act you can make a great impact on many drivers.

Driving Calmly Is Good for Your Health

Driving often causes stress and anger. We all know that stress and anger are not good for health. They are not good for your physical, emotional and mental health, and should be avoided as much as possible.

If some drivers are angry, careless and inconsiderate, do you have to act in the same way? No, you don’t need to do so.

You can learn to control your directions, or at least delay them.

You can learn to choose your reactions and state of mind.

Why not inject a dose of positivity into your life.

If you choose not to imitate the behavior of other drivers, stay calm and relaxed while driving, and be kind, patient and considerate, you change not only yourself, but other people too. Your behavior will impact other drivers, who would unconsciously imitate your behavior, even if it is only for a short while.

This means that you are able to change not only yourself, but other drivers too.

Things to Remember While Driving

“You are not your car. It is an instrument that YOU use.”

“Remember, when you are outside your car and when you are inside your car you are the same person.”

“Patience and safety go together.”

If people are impatient it does not meant that you have to be impatient too.

“Acting calmly would broadcast calmness to the people around you.”

“Being kind means being considerate. It does not mean being weak.”

“Patience means self-control and is an expression of self-discipline.”

“Focusing your attention on the road, makes you a better driver.”

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