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How Can Video Conferencing Contribute to Team Building

Video Conferencing

The workplace has evolved. We no longer need to travel into an office to obtain the data and information we need to conduct our jobs, thanks to technological advancements.

The offside of this is that it can be difficult to get to know remote workers in a personal and professional capacity. This is because they aren’t just present in the office, can’t go to lunch with the group at the drop of a hat, and can’t just drop into your office to brainstorm.

Furthermore, unless you fly them in, it can be difficult to involve them in important meetings. Unless a company uses desktop video conferencing tools like Adobe Connect App, office communication does not necessarily include much face time with other employees.

These can contribute to team building, particularly for remote employees, let’s see how.

How Can Video Conferencing Contribute to Team Building

It Enables Better Communication

Conference calls, as every remote employee knows, may leave you feeling detached and out of the loop on projects. Email can sometimes cause misunderstandings and delays.

However, video conferencing allows for real-time, face-to-face conversation, allowing participants to engage as if they were present in the same room.

Conference members are more likely to maintain focus and engage in the work at hand when a video is employed. This form of connection promotes collaboration, better relationships, and improved communication.

Many businesses will benefit from more of these effective sessions and contribute to a more cohesive, energized staff.

It Makes Collaboration Easier

If time is money, email is costly. When employees rely only on email to solve problems, they can lose hours of their day in debates in which many opinions are conveyed but no solutions are reached.

Face-to-face interactions could readily overcome these issues.

Team members can brainstorm and make decisions in real-time because they can cooperate in real-time.

Moreover, for many teams, video conferencing can boost productivity, which can spread throughout an organization.

When employees feel effective and productive, they are considerably more likely to like their work and feel inspired and fulfilled. Since they would all be in the same boat, it can also lead to team building.

It Helps in Documenting the Events and Activities

Teams can also use video conferencing to document meetings, activities, or knowledge transfers. These records can be utilized to help team members who missed meetings, catch up with the proceedings, or inform other employees about what happened.

Employees who were physically present at the meeting but were mentally someplace else can also review any important information they missed.

Captured videos can also be utilized as teaching tools for new staff, eliminating the need for silly skits.

This makes everyone feel part of the team as there is no scope for anyone to feel missed out on any event or information. It keeps everyone on the same page and thus helps in developing a feeling of being part of a team.

It Increases Participation and Attendance

Employees are more likely to turn up on schedule and actively engage in a virtual meeting if they are given the tools they need to participate effectively.

However, it is not always practical to gather everyone in the same virtual room at the same time for a real-time video conference – especially if your workforce is spread across multiple time zones.

Employees who are unable to join at the scheduled time can still join the meeting halfway and keep pace with the discussions of an important meeting. They can present their thoughts afterward, and the work can continue to move forward.


Facetime is important for activities that require face-to-face interaction like team building, collaboration, sales, and customer interactions. And video conferencing tools are the way to achieve it.

Your organization may stop typing and start building teams using video conferencing.

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