6 Factors that Will Make You Persevere while Working on Your Goals

Persevere and Never Give Up

Perseverance is the persistence in working on your goal despite facing many obstacles. It can also be defined as the act of working towards your dreams/goals despite delayed success.

People who give up do so because they cannot persevere. It is difficult not to lose enthusiasm and motivation after working hard for a long time without achieving your goals. In simpler terms, it is so difficult to persevere.

However, I realized that if I want to succeed in life, I must embrace perseverance. I must continue working hard until the day will meet my goals. I must persist until I succeed.

If you can persevere, you can achieve anything. Therefore, it is necessary for you also to embrace perseverance, if you want to reach massive levels of success.

Here, I will share with you six FACTORS that can make you work hard despite obstacles or delayed success.

6 Factors that Will Make You Persevere

1. When You Have No Other Option

People without options always persevere, because they have no place to fall back when things get tough. However, individuals who have an unlimited amount of options fail to continue working on specific goals, because they often switch to other goals when they realize that a particular goal is too difficult to achieve.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that you persevere even when success seems so far away, make sure that you don’t have a plan B. Have only plan A and dedicate yourself to it.

When you only have one plan to work on, you will always persevere because there is nowhere to fall back when you quit. You will only have one option, which is to work hard on plan A until it works out.

2. Positive self-talk

Many people, who persevered until they achieved their goals, often encouraged themselves. It is hard to continue working, without seeing the fruits of your labor, and when your mind is clouded with negative thoughts.

For you to maintain enthusiasm and hard work during difficulty, you must always encourage yourself with positive words.

Tell yourself that you are a winner, and that nothing will make you give up. Encourage yourself by saying that you are not a quitter, because you possess the ability to overcome any obstacle that you might face.

Engaging in positive self-talk will make you persevere, because it will build your self-confidence and help you maintain a positive perception toward setbacks.

3. Patience

Perseverance goes hand in hand with patience because an impatient individual cannot persevere. While persevering, you have to understand that it might take long before you achieve your goals. Therefore, you have to work on building patience so that you don’t become frustrated while working and waiting for the fruition of your goals.

Patience will prevent you from getting frustrated and losing morale. Besides this, when you are patient, you won’t give up on achieving your goal, even when you don’t see a single result after an extended period.

Therefore, work on embracing patience because it will give you the ability to withstand obstacles, delays, and suffering, without becoming anxious.

4. When you Don’t Focus on the Outcome

It’s tough to persevere if you continuously focus on the outcome, because often, it takes a long period before we see the results we want. Besides this, focusing on the outcome can make you give up because it often leads to anxiety and demoralization, especially when the results are contrary to your expectations.

5. Understanding the Value of Perseverance

You cannot give up if you understand the value of perseverance. If you want to be a winner, you must realize that perseverance is what differentiates failures and winners. You must understand the fact that perseverance guarantees that you will live the life of your dreams.

Understanding what is on the other side of perseverance will ensure that you work very hard, even when facing obstacles, because you’ll know that your efforts will give you what you’ve always desired.

6. Prayer

I know many people will disagree with me on prayer because today, people think that anything related to spirituality/God/Higher power is nonsense.

Prayer works, folks, and you can reinforce your belief in prayer, by reading Robert Collier’s book: Prayer Works.

Anyway, I have met with people who tell me that they managed to persevere just because they embraced prayer. They prayed to their Creator/the Universe/Life to give them strength and endurance while striving towards their goals.

It dawned on me that prayer makes you persevere because it enables you to have a deeper sense of knowing that a HIGHER POWER is working with you, and therefore, your success is guaranteed.

About the Author
Isaac Wechuli is a Kenyan entrepreneur, professional research writer, and founder of www.unboundedwisdom.com. He lovess sharing ideas related to success and spirituality, and likes enlightening people on the factors that could help them live a happy and prosperous life.