How to Overcome Laziness

Do you, like most people feel lazy sometimes? It could be just a momentary feeling of laziness, or it could be a habitual state. You might feel lazy in relation to certain particular activities, but motivated in relation to other activities.

What is laziness? It is a state of lack of energy, lack of desire and often indifference. It is sometimes caused by external conditions, such as the weather, when it is too cold or too hot, and sometimes due to internal causes, such as lack of motivation, an inclination to procrastination or fear.

Sometimes, we might find ourselves in situations, where we enjoy being lazy, such while lying in bed beneath a warm blanket on a cold day, or lying on the beach in the shade on a hot summer day, but life in general, requires that we overcome most of our laziness.

Do you wish to overcome laziness? Do you feel it is holding you back, preventing you from being active, from following your decisions, and from improving your habits and your life?

How you can overcome laziness?
By being active, instead of passive, by not procrastinating, by being aware of the importance of acting, instead of letting laziness get the upper hand.

Things don’t get done by being lazy and making no effort. Success requires activity, doing, initiative, and taking advantage of opportunities. This requires an active person, not a passive one. It requires the ability of resisting and overcoming laziness and procrastinating.

How to overcome laziness

Here are a few tips and suggestions to overcome laziness:

1. Visualize yourself doing the very thing that you feel too lazy and reluctant to do. Imagine yourself doing it energetically and enthusiastically. There will probably be inner resistance and lack of faith, yet, continue visualizing that you are acting with interest and love. Feel that you have already accomplished your task, and enjoy that feeling.

2. Make a list of things to do. Arrange them from the easiest to the more difficult, and start doing them right now. Put simple easy to tasks at first, so as to avoid strong inner resistance. Congratulate yourself, and cross this entry after accomplishing it. Gradually, being a doer will become a habit. 

3. Do small acts that you usually avoid doing. They will strengthen your will power and self-discipline. By doing something that you incline to procrastinate or feel inconvenient doing, you strengthen your inner muscles.

Talk with someone you usually avoid.
Talk a walk in the evening.
Repair something at home that you keep putting off
Give up watching a late night show on TV, and go to sleep earlier instead.

4. Do you wish to go for a walk, but feel lazy to do so? Go out and walk right now. Consider it as an exercise that strengthens you.

5. Do you have chore that you must do? Go do it right now.

6. Make it a habit to do right now what you are inclined to procrastinate.

7. Doing small acts such as these is a great way to train your inner strength, and strengthen your ability of overcome laziness.

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