Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams

Shape Your Life and Achieve Your Dreams with the Power of Visualization

Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams - Book

Learn how to shape your reality with visualization and imagination. Simple and easy to follow guide, suitable for both beginners and experts, and for people of every age.

Guidance and effective visualization techniques that will improve your life, help you achieve your goals, and make positive changes in your life.

Learn how to use creative visualization to attract money, find a job, get a promotion, travel abroad, find love, and make your dreams come true.

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The Book that Will Help You Create the Life You Want

A complete course on creative visualization in PDF eBbook format, with clear and easy to follow instructions and advice.

The book includes examples and guiding stories that clearly explain how to use visualization and imagination techniques, which can attract opportunities, open doors, motivate, change your reality, and help you achieve your dreams and goals.

With the help of this book you will be able to create positive changes in your life, carry out efficiently your daily tasks, and change situations and circumstances.

What Is Creative Visualization?

People, from ancient times up to the present time, have been using creative visualization. Athletes, business people, politicians and successful people in all areas of life have been using it, and so can you.

1. Creative visualization is a simple and easy to use mental technique for attracting to you the things you want, and for creating positive changes in your life.

2. Creative visualization uses the imagination, the power of thoughts and your subconscious mind, and is similar to daydreaming. It is what in recent years has been called the law of attraction.

3. Creative visualization can help you achieve both big and small dreams and goals. It can help you improve relationships, learn new habits and skills, find a better job, or build a prosperous business. It can help you gain recognition, power and fame, and it can also help you win in sports, improve your health or lose weight.

Success starts in the mind. What you visualize in your mind you create in your life.

What You Will Learn?

Here is a partial list of the topics of the book:

  • Why success starts in the mind.
  • How to change your attitude from negative to positive.
  • How to use your mental tools to create success.
  • How to practice creative visualization.
  • How to attract love, possessions, money, a better job, promotion at work and success in any area of your life, with the help of creative visualization.
  • How to use affirmations
  • How to create and use vision boards.
  • How to improve yourself and your everyday life.

And Much more...

eBook course in PDF format, containing effective guidance and instructions that produce real results.

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Why Is This Book Unique?

Unlike some books, this book focuses on practical information, and provides all the necessary guidance, instructions and advice to help you achieve real results and make creative visualization and the law of attraction work for you.

It is a simple and easy to follow guide, suitable for both beginners and experts, and for people of every age. It is suitable for people living a simple and ordinary life, successful people life living the good life, and students, employees and employers. It will benefit people living in difficult conditions, people living comfortably, and people, who wish to achieve great success in any area of life.

Everyone who aspires to improve his or her life in any area of life will find this book most useful.

This is a book that will bring inspiration, motivation, success and achievements to your life.

About the Author

Remez Sasson Remez Sasson is the author and creator of, which he has been running successfully since 2001. He has been studying and practicing various personal growth techniques for many years. He writes books and articles to help people improve their life, achieve success, gain inner strength and inner peace, and become more positive and happy.

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Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams

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