When Is the Right Time to Start Achieving Your Dreams?

When Is the Right Time to Start Achieving Your Dreams?

Is there a right age to start achieving dreams?

Do you feel you are too young, or maybe too old to start achieving your dreams?

When will be the right time?

When you are young, you have dreams, which sometimes are realistic and within reach, and sometimes unrealistic. You do nothing about them, but you promise yourself that someday, you will achieve them. Does this sound familiar?

When you are young, you also constantly change your mind about what you want to achieve. It doesn’t cost money to desire to do this or that, as long as you do nothing, but just dream. What you were enthusiastic about a few months ago, might mean nothing to you now.

As time passes by, you have less and less time for yourself and for your dreams. Now, you have a job, family and a mortgage.

Years later, have you achieved any of your dreams? Do you now think you are too old to start something new?

So, when is the right time, w you have more time or more money? Will this happen? Maybe the right time is right now, this very minute?

I just received an email message from Jeet Banerjee, who delivered a motivational talk, sharing a message that applies to the topic of this post. You can view his talk in the video below. I am sure you will like it.


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