Ways to Lose the Weight

Visualization and Your Ideal Weight

We often have difficulty thinking in abstract ideas. We dream in full-color movie clips! Visualization is a process that we use, even if we don’t know we’re doing it; it’s just how we naturally think. If you think about losing … Continue Reading

Manifset Your Dreams

10 Ways to Manifest Your Dreams

You Can Manifest Your Dreams 1.Keep the END in mind Ask yourself, what specific quality of life will the object of my desire bring to me? Why do I want this? Will it bring more Love, Harmony, Joy, Peace, Wisdom … Continue Reading

The Power of Faith and Belief

The power of faith and belief is real power. Believing that you can attain your goal is of great importance for its achievement. Without faith, there will be doubts and disbelief, which lead to non-doing and to non-achievement. When you … Continue Reading

Books on the Law of Attraction

New books and new articles about the law of attraction are published almost every day. Everyone wants to take part of this “new fashion”.  This puts the readers in a difficult position, not knowing which book to read and which … Continue Reading

Imagination Is the Key to Success

What Are Mental Images and How to Use Them

What are mental images? A mental image is picture, scene or event that you visualize in your mind. You construct mental images in your mind all the time, albeit unconsciously. The mental images that you often visualize affect your life, … Continue Reading