81 Ambition Quotes that Awaken the Desire to Succeed

Ambition Quotes

Ambition quotes can awaken the desire and the motivation to succeed and improve your life.

  • What is ambition?
  • How can we define ambition?

The simple and concise definition of ambition is – “A strong desire to gain something or achieve a certain goal, and the motivation and willingness to do everything to get it.”

It is the power of desire and motivation that supplies the zest and energy to accomplish things.

Ambition Definition According to Various Sources

What is Ambition? How to define ambition?

Here are a few definitions according to several dictionaries.

Cambridge dictionary defines ambition as – “a strong wish to achieve something.”

Merriam Webster dictionary says – “an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power.”

Collins dictionary provides the following definition – “the desire to be successful, rich, or powerful.”

Business Dictionary definition is – “The desire to achieve something, or to succeed, accompanied with motivation, determination and an internal drive.”

Ambition, which is a strong desire, leads to action, and action leads to success. The other necessary ingredients for achievement and success are vision, hope, positive expectations and perseverance.

Ambitious people can reach far and high. They have motivation, strong desire, and energy that pushes them forward.

There are people who direct their ambition toward material success and high position, others direct it toward good relationships and love, and some, toward studying. There are people who direct it toward spiritual pursuits.

On this page, you will find quotes about ambition to inspire you, and to awaken the desire to succeed. Read them often, think about them, and try implement them in your life.

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75 Ambition Quotes to Strengthen Your Ambition

By Remez Sasson

“Wish for the best and expect the best in everything you do, everywhere, and at any time.”

“Wishful thinking is not enough to progress in life. You also need strong ambition and strong desire.”

“Success starts in the mind. Fill your mind with thoughts about success, not about failure.”

“First, create in your imagination the success you want, and then, take action to make it come true.”

“Some have ambition for small achievements. Some have greater ambition for greater accomplishments.”

“The trick to being successful is closing your ears to the negative talk of other people.”

“Never allow anyone discourage or belittle you.”

“Everyone has the right to be successful, including you.”

“If someone tells you that something is impossible, this does not mean that it is impossible for you.”

“Dream about success, but also work for making it true in your life, Otherwise, it will remain just a dream.”

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“Dreams, ambition and perseverance are the combination that leads to success.”

“Think good of other people, and they will be kind to you, help you, and encourage you.”

“Taking action and trying, even if you make mistakes, is better than staying passive.”

“Every accomplishment started as a dream and as a vision, which were propelled by strong ambition.”

“Every accomplishment requires making decisions and taking action.”

“Every accomplishment increases your ambition and your belief that you can do greater things.”

Success means many things. It is money, prosperity, and possessions, but it is also self-improvement and spiritual growth.”

“Expect the best and do the best, and your life would start improving.”

“Focus on your work and do it the best you can, even if you don’t like it. This would train and improve your success skills.”

Positivity and Ambition Quote

“Whatever your present reality is, stick to positiveness, and keep expecting the best to happen.”

“Do not allow people who belittle you, lead you to quitting your ambitions. Keep going on despite their words.”

“Live your dreams. Don’t live your fears.”

“Do not let failure and discouragement hold you down. Start over again.”

You are reading ambition quotes

“If you fail, learn what you need to improve and try again. Do not give in to failure. Keep your ambition alive.”

“If your ambition is strong, obstacles and difficulties will not discourage you.”

Let go of the past and never allow it hold you captive. Always move forward.”

“Let go of your negative thoughts, by replacing them with positive thoughts. This will keep your mind positive and strong.”

“If you earnestly want success, and have enough ambition you will eventually get it.”

“Always imagine yourself walking on the high road leading to the land of success.”

“Nothing can stop you if you have hope, ambition and belief in yourself.”

“A weak ambition does not supply the energy for big achievements. Strong ambition supply the fuel for big success.”

“Do more than you can. Go the extra mile by doing, striving and persevering more. This would create greater results.”

“Persuade yourself that success is your only option.”

“Inner strength, motivation, and belief in yourself, will take you a long way toward achieving your dreams.”

“You need ambition if you want to improve your habits, improve your life, gain success at your job, or improve your relationships.”

“Discipline, patience, perseverance and clear goals lead to success.”

“Keep telling yourself, ‘I believe that soon difficulties will disappear and the bright sun would shine on my life.'”

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“Like clouds that pass and go away, so difficulties and problems pass and go away.”

“Happiness, satisfaction and love are important in life, not only money and position.”

“Reading inspirational quotes every day would give you the motivation and ambition to persevere with your plans. Inspirational quotes are like a current of energy that supplies you with power to go on.”

“Reading stories about successful people prepares your mind to attract the same success into your life, provided you have strong ambition, and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.”

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you cannot change it, change your attitude toward it.”

“Aspiration awakens inspiration, and inspiration awakens aspiration.”

“Aspire to stay calm in trying situations. Keeping a calm mind will help you find a way out.”

“A purpose, intention and a blueprint are the outcome of a strong ambition. Without them, there is no plan and no direction.”

“Always do more than you can do, because you can. Doing more will bring you more and better results.”

“Be ambitious to take an extra step. This will lead you much further and bring greater results.”

“Do not resist change. Accept it and cooperate with it, because change is a new door to new opportunities.”

“Change is inevitable. It helps you see new directions and it awakens new ambition.”

“Doubts and worries are like chains that hold you down. They do not let ambition flourish. You do not need them.”

“Break the chains that bind your mind and set it free. New thoughts, new actions and new experiences bring more freedom, more opportunities and new desires and ambitions.”

“Free your mind of all limitations, and you will learn to soar above high them.”

Determination, drive and persistence lead to accomplishment. Without them, you stay where are”

“Curiosity, striving to keep an mind, and the willingness to explore new ideas, are the three steps that expand your world, and bring new opportunities and new people into your life.”

“When a door opens, have the courage to step in.”

“Every day, take at least one step toward accomplishing your dreams. This can be a big step and it can be a small step. The important thing is that you take a step forward.”

“You are part of the cosmic creative power. Accepting this idea will empower your every action and awaken great powers within you.”

“Awaken in you the ambition to help people, and people will help you.”

“Awaken in you the ambition to be kind to people, and people will be kind to you.”

“Rejoicing in the success and happiness of other people opens the door for your success and happiness.”

“Whatever other people achieve, you can achieve too. Whatever others do, you can do too.”

“Small daily achievements bring happiness and satisfaction, and the confidence that you can do greater things.”

“In what way are successful people different from other people? Thy have more drive, more enthusiasm and more commitment. And they never give up. With dedication and discipline, you too can develop these traits of character.”

“A focused mind is like a big torch that lights your path on your way to achievement. The more you focus on your aim, and let nothing distract you, the faster your reach your destination.”

“Expecting to have the goods things of life attracts them into your life. If you feel that you do not deserve them, you will always keep them away.”

“Everyday, upon waking up in the morning, tell yourself that today is going to be a wonderful day.”

“Everyday, tell yourself, ‘I always focus on what I want, not on what I do not want.'”

“Being truly happy in the happiness of other people, and happy for their accomplishments, can attract similar opportunities into your life.”

“It might be tough to keep your intent, your objective, and your hope in the face of adversity. However, if you do, eventually, you will taste the sweet taste of accomplishment and achievement.”

“Always focus your attention on hopes, positive thoughts, and on positive expectations, not on your fears and worries. Eventually, you will teach your mind to be positive and awaken the law of attraction.”

“Learn from your mistakes, but do not dwell on them. Examine them, and then move on”

“A strong desire means a strong ambition, and this would lead to motivation, to action, and to results.”

“Today is the best day to start anything you want to do. You do not have to wait for the right time or the right circumstances.”

“To inspire and motivate yourself, keep some inspirational quotes on a slip of paper in your pocket or on your phone. Whenever you feel the need to strengthen your ambition or motivation, read a few.”

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