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How can we define self-improvement?

It is an inner process, which focuses on changing one’s attitude toward oneself and toward the world, and on getting rid of harmful habits and building new good habits.

The purpose of this inner process, which involves inner work, is to improve one’s behavior and habits, bring more happiness and satisfaction into one’s life, and improve the ability to cope with various situations one encounters in his or her life.

The aims of self-improvement are to learn to adopt a positive mindset, to get rid of negative habits, and to build positive habits and behavior.

It is a way to make ourselves better and happier people.

Self-improvement usually starts by becoming more aware of ourselves, our behavior and our reactions. It requires that we earnestly desire to improve and transform ourselves, better our life, and build good relations with people.

You can find many articles about this topic at this website. However, to make it easier to find them, I have gathered here links to some of the articles about self improvement and personal growth.

Self Improvement Articles

Life Has no Limitation

A Simple Self Improvement Technique
Nowadays, there is a growing interest in self growth and self help techniques. There is a growing number of books, articles and website dealing with these topics. It seems that people are turning within them, to find…

How to Build Self-Confidence in 8 Steps
Why is self-confidence so important? It is important because it gives you courage, self-esteem and assertiveness. When self-confidence is present, you are not afraid to take risks and to try new things…

You Cannot Always Change Situations, but You Can Change Your Attitude
I am sure that there are certain situations and circumstances in your life that you would like to change. Often, it is quite simple to make changes, but we let laziness, procrastination or fear to stand in our way…

How to Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts
Do you often find yourself thinking negative thoughts? Does the thought that you might fail harass you? Do you worry that bad things might happen to you? You can stop thinking these bad and negative thoughts…

How to Improve the Quality of Your Life – Tips
Do you want to improve the quality of your life? I am sure you do. You can start improving the quality of your life right now. Actually, you can start to see results right away. Even doing small things count, such as going to sleep earlier at night, waking up earlier in the morning…

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How to Deal with Frustration – Six Tips
We get frustrated when our plans do not work out, when our efforts do not bear fruit, or when we expect too much from ourselves, but do not stand up to our expectations. Frustration is an automated and natural…

The Procrastination Problem
We all put off working on unpleasant or tedious tasks from time to time. Washing the car, taking out garbage, cleaning windows, or making stressful phone calls are no one’s idea of a fun way to spend time…

The Power of Gratitude
If I could offer you a magic potion that would make you happier, healthier, more optimistic and more productive, and tell you that potion would cost nothing and will require very little effort to use, would you be…

How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
Do you sometimes, feel sorry for yourself and get into a bad mood? Do you wish you knew how to stop feeling sorry for yourself? Sometimes, what you plan or expect does not work as desired. Sometimes, you feel rejected…

What Is Curiosity and Why It Is Most Important for Success
Let’s start with explaining what curiosity is. Curiosity is the desire to learn, to understand new things, and to know how they work. Curiosity can manifest in many ways, as the desire to read the gossip columns or watch reality shows on TV, or as the desire to know about people…

Why People Are Impatient
Why are some people impatient? Why do some people lose their patience quickly? Some people are more impatient than other people are. Some show impatience in certain situations, and others show it in different situations…

Why Some People Are Aggressive – 10 Reasons
Look around you, and you will discover that some of the people you encounter are aggressive. Some are almost always aggressive, and others, display aggressiveness on certain occasions and in certain situations. Do you sometimes wonder why people are aggressive, instead of being tactful…

What Is Personal Growth and Why You Need It
You might have come across the term personal growth and wondered what it means. Personal growth is also called self-improvement and self-growth. What is personal growth? This term refers to various techniques for…

What Is the Meaning of Letting Go of the Past?
I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘let go’, more than a few times. What does letting go mean? What do you let go? We usually use this phrase, when we see someone re-living in his mind past pains and failure…

Self-Acceptance – What Is It?
We hear so much about self-acceptance from people, who study or teach personal growth methods. What is self-acceptance? Does it mean accepting your weaknesses or negative habits and doing nothing about them…

What is Anger and How to Overcome It
Anger comes out as a response to feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration and unhappiness, which usually arise when we dislike a person, a certain object, or a situation…

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